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The project consists of a network of decentralized server farms geographically dispersed around the Sicilian territory, directly located nearby solar and wind renewable energy sources. On a daily basis the connection system will make it possible to intercept the best-performing source which generates the cheapest renewable energy.

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The revenue produced by the servers will be distributed to the project investors net of energy, maintenance and updating costs. Venture X will spur the Blockchain technology expansion in terms of research and development in all its possible bitcoin mining solar areas. Considering the multiple areas of blockchain application, the projects will be technology-oriented and aimed at the implementation of energy efficient servers.

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For sure, blockchain technology is moving to the social sphere through concrete applications. This innovative technology has many uses.

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It can be applied for instance to sustainable mobility, car sharing, food traceability, logistics, the implementation of automated payment system etc… On a case-by-case basis, the Token Venture X owners will have the opportunity to vote for projects developed in collaboration with StartUp and University.

It will serve as funding for the launch of the project as well as the following ICO. The coins produced within this project will be generated by a so-called Venture X Fork. For supporting Venture X, the Venture X owners will receive token generated from the project they will choose to support in respect to the Venture X they possess and to the payout they decide to earmark.

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