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Focused on consulting services, training programs, and software solutions, we are engaged in the scientific and academic debate, where the cypherpunk movement meets the Austrian school of economics.

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Cryptography, monetary theory, computer networking, bitcoin public game theory: we explore all cornerstones and can assist bitcoin public understanding them. Accessible to anyone, it is intrinsic to a public distributed uncensorable settlement ledger, known as blockchain, updated with cryptographic techniques and secured by large amounts of energy in the form of computational work mining.

Un nodo, dopo aver verificato l'intera blockchain, raccoglie e colleziona le nuove transazioni bitcoin public ancora non validate e suggerisce alla rete quale dovrebbe essere il nuovo blocco. I computer usano la funzione crittografica di hash per stimare l'output fino a che non risulta inferiore al valore di target valore dato dal campo "bits" nell'header del blocco. Il primo nodo che risolve il blocco lo trasmette nella rete dove viene accettato come blocco successivo nella catena. Sia X la funzione di hash fissata della rete e si consideri x come le transazioni pendenti e n rappresenti il valore di nonce. L'hash di output deve iniziare con degli zero[ zeri?

Bitcoin is the digital equivalent of gold: scarce, used as money, voluntarily accepted without central planning. As much bitcoin public gold has played a crucial role in our civilization and the history of money and finance, Bitcoin could be disruptive for the digital civilization and bitcoin split date future of money and finance.

More a crypto-commodity than a crypto-currency, Bitcoin aims to be a world reserve asset. Blockchain: Hype or Reality?

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Blockchain is an append-only sequential data structure: to change a block in the middle of the chain all subsequent blocks need to be changed.

Very inefficient if compared to a relational database, it is mostly an idiosyncratic technology for digital scarcity.

Indeed, blockchain requires an intrinsic native digital asset to provide the economic incentives for the blockchain maintainers to be honest. Without the seigniorage revenues associated to its native asset, a blockchain system would need to select and appoint its maintainers, ultimately resorting to central governance.

Beyond Bitcoin: Timestamping A timestamp demonstrates that a document existed in a specific status prior to a given point in time.

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Digital data can be securely timestamped though the attestation of its hash value in a blockchain transaction. OpenTimestamps is a vendor-independent open protocol that defines a set of operations for creating provable blockchain timestamps and later independently verifying them; as such, it allows for third party auditability and is suitable for regulatory prescriptions.

Where Does Cryptocurrency Come From?

What jewelry is for gold, timestamping could be for Bitcoin: not essential but effective at leveraging its beauty. Financial Services for Crypto Finance does not really need blockchain, but the blockchain economy does need new financial services.

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The most promising blockchain field is the development of financial services for crypto-assets: those products, indexes, tools, practices, and facilities primarily custody needed by institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Moreover, the frontier is the monetary engineering made possible by using Bitcoin as reserve asset: Hayek Moneythe paradigm of new stable private monies competing with the legal tender ones and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

US Corporate Law News: Bitcoin tumbles as SEC cracks down crypto exchanges

Vision Makes A Difference Partnership Program Becoming one of our partners means empowering your business with a proper understanding of Bitcoin, crypto-assets, and blockchain technology. It is a strategic choice that will allow you to leverage unique opportunities while avoiding the irrational hype that pollutes these topics.

Our partnership program is aimed at consulting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, innovative enterprises, software houses, corporates, lobbying groups, and regulators.

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We offer you a continuous support in term of consulting, training, research, and development: we can help starting-up from early stage until you reach full autonomy, also cooperating with the academic world interested in the issues of our competence area. Training We regularly offer training and education in Italian or English about Bitcoin, crypto-assets, blockchain, distributed ledger, smart contracts, and cryptography: the program is based on the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology course taught at Milano-Bicocca and other universities.

Where Does Cryptocurrency Come From? Most people are probably familiar with Bitcoin by now, and you might have heard of Ethereum, too. But those are just two of the more than 5, cryptocurrencies vying to be the next big thing.

Bitcoin public content can be customized depending on requirements: for corporate or academic settings, public or private events, as a short talk, a single day workshop, or a structured learning program over few days. The training can be offered directly by us or through our Educational Program Partnersrealized on-site at your premises or at our own locations.

Read more Research Our research activity includes quarterly reports on the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in Italian, exclusive to our partners and the thesis works of our students.


The lab is focused on crypto-assets as investment opportunity, fintech innovation, and regulatory challenge, with special regard for their disruptive role in the future of money and finance. A meeting point between academia, industry, institutions, and regulators, CAL also promotes a yearly conference.

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Development We write code and love to get our hands dirty in programming and technology. Ametrano commenta quanto di rilevante è accaduto nel corso della settimana in ambito Bitcoin, crypto-asset e blockchain, rispondendo anche alle domande del pubblico.

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