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Significa che lo sceriffo come secondo lavoro fa l'ubriaco. It means the sheriff moonlights as the town drunk.

He was moonlighting as a cabbie out of Five Brothers Garage. You moonlighting as a bouncer now? Or the vigilante moonlighting as mayor. It's one of the advantages of having the mayor moonlighting as a vigilante.

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Were you moonlighting or full-time? Some like the money and need the action, so they take security gigs on the lavoro secondario in inglese. She's just a really cute girl eating curly fries like it's her second job.

Сьюзан вздохнула, мысли ее вернулись к «Цифровой крепости».

Did Alexander Fleming moonlight as a hairdresser? Does the detective moonlight as a medical examiner? You know, you should moonlight. Our Jersey cop was moonlighting as a cab driver.

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He doesn't daylight as your plumber. I suppose it's too much to hope you moonlight as a pizza boy.

Questo è un lavoro secondario, non la mia carriera. This is my side jobnot my career. Un'attività letteraria associata a un lavoro secondario. A literary activity associated with a side job.

Even I'm playing, but I still the model as a second job. He's probably dealing dope on the side. I have a sideline bedazzling jeans at Barneys.

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So, do you drive a Rent-A-Van as some sort of a second job? And that was only because of his side gig as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Louis come secondo lavoro. By the early s, Berry was working with local bands in clubs in St. Louis as an extra source of income.

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