Countries with slavery in 1776, The 1619 Project: a Dangerous and Misleading Rewriting of History

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After more than two centuries of enhancing and nurturing capitalism, freedom of thought, equality of opportunity and freedom of enterprise there are very few people who want to escape the United States.

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The same can be said for other advanced countries, that have prospered under capitalism and democracy. The Unbeatable Spirit of America Throughout the centuries, Americans have been imbued with a deep sense of patriotism and capitalism, entrepreneurship and risk-taking, pride for their history and gratefulness for their founding fathers.

Slavery in Eastern Europe

It is this love for their country that pushes them to succeed, that encourages them to freely enlist in wars waged in far away lands. It is hard to find other explanations for the election of Donald Trump as President.

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Whenever the ideals of freedom have been threatened, Americans have made bold choices. The United States has survived this long and has indeed prospered precisely due to these elements. The Project: an Activist Screed Against the United States Enter the Project, an endeavor that attempts to dismantle the United States conceptually as an inherently immoral enterprise.

Все данные, свидетельствующие о том, кто чем владел, должны были исчезнуть навсегда. Поскольку для одновременного подрыва устройств была необходима точнейшая координация действий, все эти изделия были связаны между собой телефонными линиями через Интернет. Двое суток встроенные часы устройств обменивались бесконечными потоками зашифрованной синхронизирующейся информации.

The New York Times initiated the project last year to commemorate the th anniversary of the arrival of 20 African slaves in America via editor Nikole Hannah-Jones. The Project consists of a range of essays, podcasts and soon countries with slavery in 1776 a book that rewrite several aspects of American history, by presenting the US as a nation that has racism at its core and slavery as its main foundational pillar.

The Many Inaccuracies and Distortions of the Project The Project is full of historical inaccuracies, according to the major part of the historians and experts.

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Even in those parts that facts countries with slavery in 1776 true, the authors spin them in a way to suit their agenda, by removing the context and important elements. Leslie M. Harris, a history professor at Northwesters University and an expert in the history of slavery, has declared that she was consulted on the project and says she warned the authors not to publish an inaccurate representation of events.

At the time there were growing calls to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire, which would have badly damaged the economies of colonies in both North and South.

Although slavery was certainly an issue in the American Revolution, the protection of slavery was not one of the main reasons the 13 Colonies went to war.

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Both sets of inaccuracies worried me, but the Revolutionary War statement made me especially anxious. She acknowledges the need for revisions in history, after all. Yet, even she admits that Hannah-Jones had gone too far in trying to smear the American Revolution, which a plethora of historians agree was chiefly driven by the desire for freedom and independence.

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  8. The Project: a Dangerous and Misleading Rewriting of History

It is one of the few, if not the only revolution to have succeeded precisely due to the purity of its cause and the righteousness of its leaders. The readers of this article may know that George Washington was given the opportunity to become King after the war, and he refused it, returning instead to his private life. The Times did not accept their request.

Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Costa degli Schiavi e Stati barbareschi. Lo storico francese Fernand Braudel ha osservato che la schiavitù fu endemica in Africa e parte stessa della struttura della vita quotidiana: "la schiavitù si è sviluppata in diverse forme nelle differenti civiltà; vi erano schiavi per sentenza giudiziaria, schiavi incorporati negli eserciti dei principi, schiavi domestici e di famiglia, schiavi che lavoravano nella terra, in campo industriale, come corrieri e intermediari ed infine anche in qualità di commercianti" [21]. Nel la Gran Bretagnache governava già estesi territori coloniali — anche se ancora principalmente costieri — rese illegale il commercio internazionale degli schiavi in tutto il continente africano con lo Slave Trade Actseguita l'anno successivo dagli Stati Uniti d'America nord-orientali [22]. Illustrazione di una spedizione schiavista In Sierra Leone nel corso del XIX secolo circa la metà dell'intera popolazione era composta da schiavi [23] [24].

They and other historians agree that the Revolution not only was not caused by a desire to keep slavery, but actually became a disruptive factor to slavery by arming black people to fight against the British. In fact, it were the actions of the British military that turned southern on the side of the Americans. Furthermore, in the North, the freedom of the slaves happened after the war was over, although gradually. It was white Americans that fought and pushed for the end of slavery.

Yet, the project and most of the left completely ignores such a fact.

Storia della schiavitù

For someone who claims to be anti-racist, she sure seems to speak with racist and divisive words. The Anti-Capitalist Underpinnings of the Project Thirdly, the Project aims to discredit capitalism as a phenomenon of slavery and racism. Clearly, the authors of the project have never heard of George Fitzhugh, an American social theorist of the s, who described bitcoin ancora vivo as a beautiful example of communism. Nevertheless, this aspect of the project has been debunked as well.

Она начала с «совершенного квадрата» Юлия Цезаря. Цезарь, объясняла она, был первым в истории человеком, использовавшим шифр. Когда его посыльные стали попадать в руки врага имеете с его секретными посланиями, он придумал примитивный способ шифровки своих указаний. Он преобразовывал послания таким образом, чтобы текст выглядел бессмыслицей. Что, разумеется, было не .

Allen C. Guelzo, a senior research scholar at Princeton University, in an article for the Wall Street Journal shows the lies of the project regarding capitalism.

Every aspect of the plantation was ruthlessly rationalized to enhance profits, via vertical reporting systems, double-entry record-keeping and precise quantification.

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New York in the north was far more capitalistic and had far more banks than the entire Confederacy region. Cotton, he explains, was the biggest commodity exported, but as a percentage of total exports and not total production.

Moreover, he cites historian Erin Mauldin, regarding the chaotic and sloppy Southern agriculture before Civil War. Even railroads were built with public funds and not as a result of private investments. The increases in production of cotton, according to several historians were a result of the introduction of superior cotton varieties, which increased profitability.

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The point Guelzo makes is that historical facts show that what the South had was far from capitalism. Capitalism has freedom in its fundamentals.

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