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Modifica Provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair.

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Includes real-time price movement charts, market analysis, information displays and trading tools. No waiting to confirm or change the prices and amounts, although these capabilities are available if required. Fairbot's wide range of sophisticated features will give you an enormous advantage over other Exchange Users and should enable you to turn that advantage into a profit.

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Refresh every 0. Price movement charts directly on the main screen instead of having to click on a Contender's name to display a separate screen.

It's perfect for live market traders, in-running players, and those whose main strategy is to trade for quick turnaround arbitrage bets and even those who want to place their single bets at lightning fast speed.

The simple and easy-to-use Windows XP-compatible interface is very similar to Betfair, which should make your betting easy and profitable.

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All the odds cells are active rather binteko fairbot just two middle columns on Betfair giving you additional flexibility for your backing and laying. For betting exchange traders, FairBot offers so called "Smart Bets" that allow you to trade on Betfair with ease and the maximum possible speed.

In media, devi solo spendere un monte di novanta cent per EURO. Acquista ora — Risparmia ora!

Binteko fairbot "Smart Bets", FairBot generates the required bets to make a profit, if matchedregardless of the result. L'ultima versione di FairBot is 3.

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FairBot viene eseguito sui seguenti sistemi operativi: Windows. FairBot non è stato valutato dai nostri utenti ancora.

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