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Bitcoin tumbles 30% after China cracks down on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency update: Bitcoin on the rebound?

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Bitcoin makes some big strides in trading today. Are we looking at a BTC bounce back?

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Now, it looks like BTC is preparing to bounce back. Datamish data shows a short squeeze appears to have driven prices higher in the short-term.

Earlier Chinese efforts to limit crypto mining have turned into a full-scale purge, hitting BTC prices with a significant body blow. Cryptocurrency update Bitcoin tumbles as China puts the squeeze on crypto mining China has intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrency mining operations sending Bitcoin reeling.

Those taking short positions have apparently had to sell as price action turned positive. Why is currently unknown.

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Datamish is an independent service that tracks Bitcoin long and short positions. One of the key reasons why Bitcoin may have rekindled its fighting spirit is the news Amazon is planning to accept BTC as payment, potentially by the end of According to reports from City A.

Bitcoin would be the launch point, with Ethereum, Cardona and Bitcoin Cash potentially being acceptable payment for Amazon transactions going forward. This is cryptocurrency after all.

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Anything can change at any minute. While the outlook is currently good, there are some global stories and opinions that could knock BTC off its current upward course.

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Chinese authorities have been ruthless in their pursuit of crypto market regulation in When China announced its mining ban back in May, Bitcoin prices were in free fall. While this has opened up mining operations in other countries, China was bitcoin value china for the vast bulk of BTC token mining.

The global hash rate, the rate at which new BTC tokens are created, as fallen bitcoin value china since the ban.

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There are many exchanges, including Binance, still operational in Chinese jurisdictions. If the nation is really serious about clamping down on crypto trading, these could fall next. Keep an eye on China. Its actions will likely define BTC price movements going forward.

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According to Ellis, cryptocurrencies are mainly popular with traders because of their price swings, rather than any practical application. There is no inherent worth in it whatsoever.

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments, while Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency where the value is tied to an outside asset, such as the dollar or gold. China considers Bitcoin and Stablecoin as cryptoassets, which means they are not seen as real currencies, but only as investment assets. The nation is planning to improve the regulatory environment for these alternative investments, to ensure that speculative activity will not result in serious financial risks, said PBOC Vice-Governor Li Bo.

Tulip bulb refers to the Dutch tulip trading bubble. In the 17th century, prices of tulip flowers skyrocketed before massively collapsing, leaving hundreds of tulip traders and speculators bankrupt. Could the same be happening with cryptos? But some tokens have an actual practical use.

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Ether is used as payments for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain is rapidly expanding in scope and is thought to be the leading network for the decentralised finance sector. Bitcoin, however, may have gained too much value to be used as an actual means of exchange.

Other digital coins were also hit by heavy selling, with ethereum, one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the past month, losing a quarter of its value. However, writing on Twitter yesterday he indicated that Tesla would not sell its bitcoin and would hold it for the long term.

But when you have countries like El Salvador enshrining it as legal tender, it may still yet serve a purpose beyond simply being a tradeable project. Digital currency is such a young asset that bubbles may likely occur during these development stages. However, this just requires extra vigilance on the part of traders and investors.

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Volatility is never far away — and all bubbles have to burst eventually. Share this article.

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