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btc private college a raebareli

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Bill goes through the upcoming 5G technology and the challenges that is coming with same There are presently ,00 cell phone towers depending on what is considered a towerin The United States 5G can potentially have a small tower on virtually every street corner in urban areas On an RF Meter, the best setting is Micro Watts Meter Squared, and the Russian Scientist say a reading of 10 or below is safe Exposure depletes the blood brain barrier that protects the brain from unwanted actors ingested into the body There are parameters to consider and measure: RF from cell phone towers, smart meters, computers and wi-fi's, In the electrical wiring inside the btc private college a raebareli and power lines: Electrical; magnetic and Dirty electricity one component of internal wiring These plug in phones and other electrical devices that have a square block to plug in are dangerous to have.

And we are afraid we will have to give up our electronic necessities.

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The great news is that you CAN take control of your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation and learn how to use your electronic devices safely. A disturbing correlation has been discovered between electro-pollution and a host of diseases and ailments. Over 3, studies on the potential health effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation have been published by a group of international scientists and public health experts in the Bioinitiative Report of One of the most alarming reports comes from a cancer cluster at a middle school.

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Up to 24 teachers and staff members at the school were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. Thyroid cancer was 13 times expected, Melanoma was almost 10 times expected and Uterine cancer was over 9 times the expected amount.

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Up to 49 former students also came down with cancer in their twenties — who sp

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